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Goldsuno Patent design LED bulb
Dia-casting shell LED bulb
Aluminum shell LED
light weight product,simple structure
Product is a little Heavy ,simple constructure 
light weight product,simple constructure
heat dissipation effect
Stamping with pure aluminum,coefficient of thermal conductive up to 230,have convection hole,excellent heat-dissipation.
Dia-casting aluminum,coefficient of thermal conductive lower than 150,no convection hole,   many discrete components,thin product ,and worst heat-dissipation
Generally adopt 6063 aluminum's have clearance,average level heat-dissipation
Use high purity aluminum,can do different appearance color processing. 
Use dia-casting aluminum material,only can do painting process.
Use pure aluminum material,can do different appearance color processing
High efficiency up to 95lm/W
Luminous Decay
Lower lamp temperature,minimum luminous decay,extend LED lifespan.
Higher lamp temperature,Maximum luminous decay,medium level lifetime.
Higher lamp temperature,low luminous decay,medium level lifetime.
Product certification
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