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  Best Heat-Dissipation, Ultrathin LED Down Light

Market LED light-emitting the downlights structure housing and cooling structure roughly three parts of the decorative surface shell, lamp cup & radiator, the heat generated by the LED lamp beads passed to the aluminum plate lamp cup lamp cup is passed to the radiatorcooling surface shell rarely heat lamp cup with radiator and surface shell is made ​​up of three separate parts, LED lamp cup with radiator due to parts machining accuracy problems, can not close connection (sometimes insert tissue)generate heat to the heat sink greatly reduced, plus some screws did not lock, the cooling effect is worse. On the surface of the heat sink temperature is not high, in fact, the PN junction temperature of the LED is high, resulting in a serious light fades. Currently on the market appeared slim side emitting Downlight look thin, in fact, the lack of cooling area, in addition to the side of the light-emitting lamp beads densely arranged in a small aluminum plate, LED and other hot work, such product cooling bad light fades fast, coupled with the side of the light-emitting illumination would not work. The fine the Xinlong LED Downlight uses the integrated structural design, aluminum stamping, thermal conductivity with the industry's highest LED PN electric separation surface of the shell is less than 4mm directly to the surface of the shell, the heat generated by the LED PN junction by point pass diffusing to the entire shell radiator, to ensure that each LED is in good working condition, plus fine Scienward LED Downlight surface light source design. Does not glare, soft light color uniform, high illumination. 

  Goldsuno LED Bulb Heat-dissipation Solution

LED bulb thermal problem solving bad affect lamp life, LED drive power, the operating temperature of the drive power generally can not be higher than 60 ° C, but the structure of the LED bulb decided to drive power can only be builtThis requires that the lamp structure to ensure that the low light fades and the overall life of the lamps have good heat transfer, thermal conductivity and thermal path. All currently available LED ball bubble more than 6063 the car aluminum and die-cast aluminum for heat dissipation and shell, from the thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of 6063 about 190 die-cast aluminum about 150, 6063 the car aluminum fabrication process for picking up profiles cutting lathe whittled lamp body, the profile groove Article calories mutual radiation area, but the effect is not completely play. Die cast housing processing methods, mass production faster than the cars aluminum, good economic returns, but due to poor heat transfer, plus the shell can not oxidation treatment, the appearance of dealing with only paint, paint molding thermal resistance, the impact of heat. Shorter life expectancy of the LED and power, fine Scienward R & D engineers With many years of experience in metal processing using pure aluminum is enclosure cooling materials, pure aluminum thermal conductivity of 230 high-quality thermal materials, processed into a variety of housing by stamping, surface treatment for oxidation, and an auxiliary conduction and thermal liner carefully designed, so that by LED fever timely, balanced passed to the shell disperses into the housing and aluminum PCB following the use of pure aluminum stamping and increase cooling liner, so the LED PN junction temperature 5-10 ° C lower than similar products, the heat transfer to the enclosure 5 minutes faster than 6063, 10 minutes faster than the die-cast aluminum, our products bubble comparison with similar products die casting ball at the Beijing solar Energy Research Institute, Division I two minutes the temperature reaches equilibrium state, die-casting LED bulb takes 10 minutes to reach the temperature peaceful. 

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